Step Out: Jam on Walnut September 2017

By: Anna D’Acierno

This past Saturday evening, the Shadyside Community hosted their first additional Jam on Walnut of the season. Originally, these block-party-like functions were specifically a summer occasion. However, consistent positive feedback and growing crowds led to the decision to schedule in two further dates for the fall.
Each Jam on Walnut is put together by members of the Shadyside community and is sponsored by the different businesses, stores, and restaurants located on Walnut Street such as The Yard and William Penn Tavern. Jam on Walnut celebrates community and local music along with live music, food, drinks, games, and more.  Those over 21 have the opportunity to purchase a wristband upon entry. Not only does it earn you the opportunity to score prizes and free drinks, it also lends money to a good cause.
During the summer months, Jam on Walnut raises funds for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Western PA Chapter. The additional September and October Jams are fundraising for Humane Animal Rescue.
Jam on Walnut starts at 7 p.m. and usually wraps up around 11 p.m. at the latest. However, this does not mean that the night has concluded. Many college students and other young adults stick around to enjoy the nightlife on Walnut, which never disappoints. “Walnut is really the place to be on the weekend, especially when it’s the weekend of Jam” says Julia Balandiat, a University of Pittsburgh graduate and Pittsburgh resident. She was one of the many locals who thought that taking part in Jam on Walnut was easily becoming a tradition for her along with her friends and family from other areas of town.
When it comes music at Jam, there is something for everyone. There are always a variety of genres. The tunes are also appealing to all age groups. When asked about his opinion on the performance this past weekend, Shadyside resident, and Pitt Student, Col McLauglin stated “I appreciate the fact that Jam on Walnut isn’t secluded to people in their early twenties. The throwbacks are great. It gives the night a classic block-party feel.”  
Saturday night, the Hobbs Sisters as well as No Bad JuJu were front and center. The Hobbs Sisters are known for their fresh country music sound. No Bad JuJu, on the other hand, provides a peppy vibe.  After the performances concluded, the music continued and a DJ played a variety of different songs all through the evening. The crowd was not afraid to participate and everywhere you turned, people seemed to be smiling and swaying along.
Jam on Walnut truly has become a community event but it is also a welcoming event that is open to diversifying its attendees. It is a great way to build your connections with locals and those from outside of the area.
Overall, it is a fun packed evening that shouldn’t be missed. The next and last jam on walnut of the year will be held on October 21st! Performing that night are the Brighton Boys and Bastard Bearded Irishmen. Halloween costumes are encouraged!