Pitt’s Fall Festival

By: Jordyn Gilliard 

The University of Pittsburgh showcased its annual Fall Fest on Saturday, September 23rd. It featured the rap artists Desiigner, and Amine and closed off about a mile of Bigelow Boulevard. The event was for current University of Pittsburgh students, but also open to other local colleges. Despite standing in 80-degree temperature thousands of college students took to the street to see Amine and Desiigner perform.
Second year CCAC student Mariah Charlton was among those students. She said that she was “really excited to see Desiigner, and to just hang out with friends.” Charlton later goes on to say she “likes some of his (Desiigner) music, but the whole event was just a great way to meet people, and bond with friends.”
Tameria Hollie was also in attendance. Hollie took a year off from her studies, but in October she will become a part of the Pitt family as a biology major. Hollie said “This is amazing, and the fact that it was free makes it even better.” When asked about her favorite artist, and what she was looking forward to the most she said “I like Amine, and I like Desiigner. I’m just waiting until Desiigner sings Panda, so the crowd can get turnt.”  
The concert kicked off with Amine performing his hit “Caroline”, which hit number eleven on the US Billboard Hot 100. Following Amine’s performance was Desiigner. He performed some of his new songs, and threw in a few old ones such as “Panda”, and “Timmy Turner”. He closed the festival by bringing students on stage before jumping into the audience.
While the concert attempted to include all students, the crowd was predominately white. And the white students constantly repeated lyrics with the N-word in them. When the N-word came up in the song, there seemed to be an emphasis on the word from the non-black students at the Fall Fest. The white students, mainly young white men, laughed and recorded the singing on their phones. There was no comment made by any of the students in attendance on the issue.
The Fall Fest ran from 1 p.m until 7 p.m. There is no word yet on who will be performing at next year’s Fall Festival.