Back to our Roots: A note from the Editor-in-Chief, Maggie Susa

Last year Chatham’s student newspaper underwent a name change to The Chatham Post. This year, we have decided to go back to our former name: Communiqué because of its history in the alumni community. It also sets the student newspaper apart from the university which helps to avoid academic bias. After researching other collegiate newspapers, I found that many of them do not use the name of the school in their title for the same reason. In addition to that it is much more unique yet it still sounds like the name of a newspaper.

As a professional newspaper that follows an AP inspired style guide, our goal is to provide the student body with local, applicable and unbiased content. Our goals for the year include developing a campus-wide readership so that the name Communiqué stands out to employers. If you would like to contribute come, come to our staff meetings on Tuesdays @ 11:30 in the Carriage House conference room.