Distant relationships: students and campus police

November 11, 2015

Everyone today has their own perception of the police, especially through the media’s representation of law enforcement officials. For some, when they think about police, they think about drugs, Michael Brown, or Eric Garner...

The Lazy Fashionista: 8 definite DON’Ts in the fashion world

November 11, 2015

It seems like every major fashion publication has its list of “don’ts”—you can’t wear this, these colors don’t go together, people with this body type can’t wear this item of clothing. I take issue with these things; I...

What SAE fraternity and the Oklahoma City Bomber have in common

April 3, 2015

There is nothing so great as watching someone truly awful get what they deserve (occasionally with a side helping of getting skewered by the court of public opinion). If there is justice in the world, the skewering will be swift, m...

Why Chatham should not force students to take EverFi's Haven

April 3, 2015

Several weeks ago the Office of Student Affairs sent out an email informing students that there was an additional requirement that needed to be completed by juniors, seniors, and graduate students before they would be permitted...

In response to Sandy Trozzo's "North Hills to revamp two school libraries"

March 25, 2015

According to Sandy Trozzo’s “North Hills to revamp two school libraries”--found online on, The North Hills School District proposed to spend about $1 million in structural fees and $470,000 on furniture to renovate the libraries in the middle school and...

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