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By the people, for the people: CSG weekly update

The Chatham Student Government (CSG) meeting on Thursday, September 25 began with a discussion of the coeducation transition from Zauyah Waite, CSG Advisor and Chatham University Dean of Students.

Waite asked that students offer feedback throughout the transition process. “I think it’s a learning experience as we move forward with the restructuring…be patient, but also speak up to constructively help the university,” she said.

She also urged students to be kind to each other because this is the time of year when many “student issues begin popping up.”

Stephanie Reynolds, Assistant Director of Student Affairs and Residence Life, then took the floor to remind students that Battle of the Classes (BOTC) starts Sunday, September 28. To clarify some points of confusion, she noted that, while classes are technically determined by credits, students are free to participate in the class with which they feel they best identify.

Officer’s reports followed, during which Jenny Schollaert, Executive Vice President of CSG, reminded students that the next Student Organizations Forum meeting will occur online on October 7.

Sam Elbaz, Vice President of Finance, gave a recap of the last Undergraduate Budget Committee (UBC) meeting, saying that, between the Beyond the Page Book Club, and This is Me, $300 were requested and granted, leaving $11,742 in the budget for the rest of the semester.

In regards to new business items, Sarah Jugovic, Executive President of CSG, brought up the possibility of the revising the constitution so that it uses more inclusive language. She discussed the possibility of forming a committee to research how other institution’s governments are run.

Erin Smith, Vice President of Communications, supported this idea, saying, “I definitely think it’s necessary. Starting with the research and having a conversation prepared will be really helpful.”

By far the most contentious topic of discussion at the meeting was that of the Chatham shuttles.

The subject of the shuttles is a hot topic around campus, and students constantly recount stories of being stranded in various locations without being able to contact the shuttle drivers.

Members of the CSG proposed several ideas to combat this dilemma, but all agreed that the first order of business is research on why people choose to either ride or not ride the shuttle.

In response to this Chloe Bell, Class of 2016 representative said, “when they cut the shuttle hours, people stopped riding it, because they were bitter.”

The Senate also discussed ideas on how to collect data ranging from petitions and tabling to an online survey, though they did not make a decision.

Though the CSG has a lot of work to do before implementing any changes, some ideas for possible action include a cutback on weekend daytime hours to increase nighttime hours, a shift of the shuttle system to more of a safe rider option on the weekends, and the creation of a student position as a van driver.

In open forum business, Alex Waasdorp, Class of 2018 President, mentioned that she contacted Pattie Malloy about the creation of a button on MyChatham for students to check their account balances, but had not yet received a response from her.

CSG meetings occur every Thursday at either 7:15 a.m. or 11:30 a.m. and are open to the student body.

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