Chatham celebrates NCAA Division III week

This past week, April 7 through April 13, students, faculty, and staff across Chatham University’s campus celebrated student athletes for their amazing 2013-2014 seasons.

The week began on Monday, which was Student Athlete Appreciation Day. Throughout the day, students were reminded to congratulate student athletes on their accomplishments throughout their sports seasons and their academic year.

Wednesday was Carson Shout Out Day. Carson the Cougar was prowling about campus, and students were reminded to thank Carson for always bringing school spirit to sporting events and campus events.

Thursday held a couple of different events. The first was the Coaches Conversation, where faculty and staff were encouraged to join coaches in a panel discussion of perception of athletes in the classroom.

Also on Thursday was Cougar Campus Challenge. This was a school-wide event in which students could get teams together and participate in various “Minute to Win It” style games. The ultimate winner of this event was the Ice Hockey team.

Saturday’s DIII week event was, fittingly, the softball team’s doubleheader against Thomas Moore college. Despite a valiant effort made by the Cougars, the Saints bested them in both games. The first of the day ended with a score of 0-11, for Thomas Moore. The second of the day was a no-hitter, ending with a score of 0-6 for Thomas Moore.

The week ended with the fifth annual Patience Blayden Student Athlete Recognition Program. For this event, student athletes, coaches, and administrators come together to celebrate the 2013-2014 seasons.

NCAA DIII week was a success overall. It gave the opportunity for students, staff, and administrators to appreciate all of the wonderful work the Chatham student athletes have put in this year.