Introducing Chatham Chats, the Communiqué’s new advice column

Introducing Chatham Chats, the Communiqués new advice column

Chatham Chats is the new advice column by the Communiqué staff. This series is a safe space for students to ask questions regarding any problems they may be facing. 

We welcome questions about school, finances, relationships, mental health, time management and anything else that students may need help dealing with in these stressful times. All questions are completely anonymous to readers. Responses are published at the discretion of the staff. Questions are subject to editing for space and anonymity. 

How to submit questions: 

1. Email your question to the Communiqué email ([email protected])

2. Direct message the Communiqué Twitter (@communique_CU)

3. Direct message the Communiqué Instagram (@communique_CU)

Responses will be posted to the Communiqué website in the advice section. Occasionally, responses to your questions will run in print. 

We look forward to chatting with you!