A look at Chatham before and after COVID-19 through photographs: On the Quad

Lilly Kubit

Photographer Lilly Kubit shares a glimpse of how life has changed at Chatham University because of COVID-19. Despite the pandemic, students are still finding ways to make memories and continue traditions on campus.


People and chairs spread across the quad

The quad is a hub for many outdoor events on campus, like the Student Engagement Fair on Sept. 4, 2019. Even when there aren’t events, though, students can regularly be seen studying in the adirondack chairs spread across the lawn. Credit: Phil Pavely


An empty quad

After a spike of COVID-19 cases on campus during a one- week timeframe in
October, Chatham University raised the campus operational alert level to “high,” meaning all classes were moved to a virtual format, limited activity protocols in the residential areas and all events being cancelled from Oct. 16 to 25. On Oct. 18, the quad, like many areas on campus, was empty. Credit: Lilly Kubit