By the people, for the people: CSG weekly update

On Thursday, February 13, the Chatham Student Government (CSG) held their weekly meeting in the PCW room, off of Anderson Dining Hall. On the agenda were a variety of issues, beginning with an update from Mareija Bibbs on the status of the Government’s efforts to prevent the proposed tuition increase. The letter to the Board of Trustees, written by the Executive Board on behalf of the student body, was revised and presented to Chatham University President Esther Barazzone, who sent copies to the board members. Additionally, the petition in support of the government’s efforts gained approximately 280 signatures. However, no information has yet been released regarding the outcome of the vote, which occurred on Friday, February 14.

Other areas of discussion at the meeting included updates on the status of the Undergraduate Budget Committee, and efforts to make the Student Organization Forum meetings a more effective platform for the advocacy of student organizations.

Also on the agenda was a discussion of the CSG meet and greet, which will take place in the Athletic and Fitness Center on Friday, February 28. It will take the form of a game night, with the possibility of catering by Parkhurst dining services.

After reports from the class officers, the CSG heard from the various ad hoc committees. Issues at hand included the question of extending the add/drop period, which will be looked into further after the tuition increase issue has been concluded. The ad hoc committee for the tuition increase also spoke, emphasizing the fact that from that point on, it was just a “waiting game”.

In other news, there was also discussion regarding the feedback from the Town Hall meeting, including what types of events students would be interested in. However, the consensus was that further feedback form the student body would be necessary to make any decisions.

The final topic of discussion was the possibility of a CSG newsletter, as a means of increasing transparency with the Chatham students. Ideas ranged from a newsletter published once a semester, to an occasional page in the Communiqué, however no decisions were made.

The CSG meets every Thursday in the PCW room. Meetings are open to the student body, however students must sign up to be put on the agenda if they wish to contribute.