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Chatham University sends out all campus email addressing breach of Alcohol and Drug Policies

Excessive alcohol consumption, while not unheard of on college campuses, has recently become a serious problem at Chatham University, resulting in the sending of an all campus email on Friday, October 24.

“Recently, there have been several misconducts that have been rather concerning as these misconducts do not promote the residents’ safety and well-being,” the email–sent by Heather Black, Director of Student Affairs & Residence Life–said

These infractions, according to the Chatham police, include instances of marijuana, amphetamine pills, heroin, and other various drug paraphernalia being found on campus property–as well a keg being found in the Chatham apartments.

The email went on to detail elements of the Chatham University Student Honor Code, and the Alcohol and Drug Policies.

“During orientation, one critical pledge was made by each of you as a community member of Chatham University,” it said, reminding students of their promise to uphold the honor code.

In addition to mentioning the dangers of drinking to health, academic endeavors, and social enjoyment, it also pointed out that consuming alcoholic beverages under the age of 21 is against Pennsylvania State Law, and that Chatham will provide no protection for violators of that law.

Beyond that, it also said, “Chatham University prohibits excessive drinking and disturbing behaviors that result from excessive alcohol use,” which applies to all students, even those of legal drinking age.

The email then listed eight regulations specific to Chatham University regarding the consumption of alcohol. These regulations were very detailed and included several prohibited items and activities (namely kegs and party balls), alcohol in public areas like halls and student lounges, and alcoholic beverages at events sponsored by undergraduate student organizations.

It also pointed out that those who are of age may consume alcohol in the privacy of their rooms, but reminded them that they are responsible for the actions of their guests.

Finally, it reminded students that, “students shall not attend college events (on or off campus) while intoxicated and a student’s behavior shall not be disruptive to the community.”

According to the email, “Students who return to the residence campus intoxicated, whether 21 or not 21 years of age, and violate other policies (including but not limited to quiet hours, escort policy, etc.) will be sent to Student Conduct Board on charges of alcohol and/or other violations.”

Additionally, Chatham’s Drug Policy states, “Students are not permitted to use, possess, distribute, sell or be under the influence of narcotics, hallucinogens, dangerous drugs, or other controlled substances. All violations of the drug policy will be processed through the Student Conduct Board and also through the local court system if appropriate.”

Based on this, the email also pointed out the very serious consequences of conviction for a drug-offense, which included, “the loss of eligibility for any Title IV, HEA program funds, loan, or work-study assistance.”

The email closed by saying, “We aim to provide a safe and healthy environment for all residents and want to continue to trust that you will abide by all policies and make good choices for yourself and also your fellow residents”

Information on Chatham’s Drug and Alcohol Policies can be found at

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