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Students gather for annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service

On Monday, January 20, Chatham University community members participated in a day of service in memory of the late Martin Luther King, Jr., and his dedication to the importance of serving one’s community.

University students gathered in the Athletic and Fitness Center and signed up to volunteer at Nine Mile Run, Kelly Strayhorn Theater, Friends of the Riverfront, and the Student Conservation Association.

Classes were cancelled and around 100 students and faculty came out in support of the cause. Many students were excited to participate in the service day and stated how doing these types of projects renewed their sense of community spirit while lending their hands to help others.

As students signed up for their respective volunteer work, the atmosphere was filled with joy as people conversed over a light breakfast and coffee, and stated their own personal reasons as to why they got up early to volunteer.

Denesha Moorefield, a sophomore, spoke on the importance of giving back and how structured community service was beneficial. She went on to say how community service is often, “not something you think about everyday, so it’s nice to get a chance to get out there and help.” Moorefield volunteered the previous year and was happy to serve her community again in a different way.

Although the weather wasn’t ideal, Moorefield expressed her excitement. She went on to explain that despite the cold, “it is a lot of fun, and you’re there with all of your friends which makes things more enjoyable.”

Moorefield encouraged members to give their all and appreciated those who came out to help, but also reminded others that service isn’t only a one time thing and that you should, “give a little everyday.”

Lauren Brown, another sophomore, chose volunteering at Nine Mile Run. Picking up trash around the creek was part of the Nine Mile Run volunteer initiative.

Upon arrival, Brown was not equipped with the right attire but was eager to change so she could actively participate in the service project. Brown stated that she, “was here to help” and was more than willing to do the, “dirty work.”

She also gave a more personal reason for participating, saying, “As a biology major I see how the way we interact with the environment affects the wildlife that inhabit these said environments,” and pointing out the positive impact clearing trash has even though it may seem miniscule.

She went on to say, “having the capability to help someone, or the environment is the kind and right thing to do.”

Brown was happy with the turnout and was glad that everyone who participated with her shared her same enthusiasm to serve the community.

Overall the theme of the day was service and the many volunteers were seen with smiles on their faces as they whole-heartedly gave back to their communities.  While projects differed between groups, many came back to campus sharing the same sense of spirit and were happy they chose to get out of bed and give back.

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