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Little Red Riding Vogue: Why Taylor Swift is impossibly fashionable

Eva Rinaldi

Although this weather can be pretty discouraging, it’s no time to be dropping the ball on your outfits. That may sound a bit harsh and unrealistic, but look at Taylor Swift for example.

Taylor Swift is, without a doubt, a fashion icon. She never misses a beat with her outfits. They’re always flawless and well-executed. In fact, she’s even been criticized for looking so good.

Over the past year or so, people started commenting on how ridiculous it was that Swift would leave a workout at the gym looking better than ever. Her hair and makeup would be so on point that you would think she had just left a salon instead of a gym.

Also, she would often leave in a dress or skirt, and heels. People honestly couldn’t fathom how a human being could do this—even a celebrity. Many people brought up the fact that most of the paparazzi shots you see of celebrities leaving the gym look “normal”—they aren’t wearing makeup and they’re decked out in sweaty yoga pants and baggy t-shirts. So how could Taylor Swift be doing what Britney Spears could not?

But this isn’t the only thing people can’t wrap their heads around. Recently, Swift posted a picture on Instagram of her and her gal pals HAIM (the three-sister band from LA) hanging out in Hawaii. Sounds pretty normal, right? Well what threw people off was the fact that they were standing in a row on a rock path in a pond.  The HAIM girls are all wearing sensible flats, and Swift is wearing stilettos so insane she could probably use them to kill a man. Once again, Swift has proven to be almost more mythical than Regina George.

My last, and absolute favorite, part about Taylor Swift’s fashion endeavors is that it’s been said that the bags you see her carrying around in all of these iconic paparazzi post-workout shots are absolutely empty. That’s right. You heard me: empty. She doesn’t keep anything in them. She uses them for the sole purpose of accessorizing.

At this point you’re probably wondering where she actually keeps her stuff—unless she doesn’t have stuff at all and really is some sort of weird fashion alien that doesn’t need emergency lip-gloss or even a packet of tissues. Well make sure you sit down for this one, it’s a doozy.

Her bodyguards carry all of her necessities in a separate bag. And you better believe they hold onto that thing with the death grip of a Marvel superhero. No one in the world is getting their hands on that bag except for Taylor Swift herself.

Moral of the story: Taylor Swift is a celestial being whose fashion sensibilities straight up floor me. We should all aspire to be so jaw dropping.

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