Love Day Dinner honors women in the community

On Friday, February 13, Chatham University hosted a Love Day Dinner honoring women in the community and recognizing their impact on students’ lives. Located in the Mellon Board Room, students came to celebrate and converse with one another as they honored the women who have influenced them. Many students were subjects of nomination and multiple people had several individuals they wanted to recognize.

The atmosphere was pleasant, with around 30 in attendance and floral decorations everywhere. Students were happily mingling as they talked about their nominations and the women by whom they were inspired.

Students were nominated by Residence Life staff with several students nominating others outside of the Chatham community.

Natalie Jellison, a sophomore at Chatham, mentioned how great it was to appreciate one of her friends and how happy she was to be a part of a great event.

Another student who was brought as a guest was happy to have been nominated by one of her friends, saying, “It’s nice to appreciate someone else, but every once in a while, it’s nice to be appreciated, as well”.

Christina Austin, another sophomore, noted how “beautifully decorated the place was,” and how she was glad to have shown up and seen familiar faces being recognized for all of the great things they do.

As the dinner progressed, each person presented their nominee with a flower and thanked them for being in their lives. Many hugs were involved as community members and their guest recognized each other for all that they do.

Overall, the event radiated positivity. Many students discussed how they were excited for next year’s dinner and the other women they wanted to nominate and appreciate.