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Chatham basketball season comes to a close

Photo Courtesy of Chatham Athletics

The Chatham University Cougar 2014-2015 basketball season came to an end on February 21. The Cougars rounded out their season with six wins and 19 losses.

While at home, the Cougars had a record of 5-7 (W-L). Their scores suffered while away, as they finished with a record of only one win and 12 losses. The Cougars did not play any games on neutral territory.

The Cougars averaged 57.6 points per game, totaling 1440 points throughout the season. Chatham’s effort was significant, but not enough to avoid an overall opponent point average of 72.2, totaling 1804 points during the season.

The star player of the season was Rachel McClain, a junior Exercise Science major. McClain averaged 12.3 points per game (the highest on the team), with her points overall equaling 295. She also played an average of 31.1 minutes per game (also the highest on the team), with a total of 747 minutes on the court. McClain plays guard.

Second to McClain was Megan Sieg, a first year Exercise Science major. Sieg averaged 11.2 points per game, and scored a total of 279 points in the season. She played a total of 764 minutes during the season (more than anyone on the team), and had an average of 30.6 minutes per game.

Sophomore Psychology major Jesse Hinkle earned the title of most rebounds 14 times during the season, the most of anyone on the team. She got a total of 147 rebounds during the season, with an average of 6.4 per game.

Jessica Manfredi, a sophomore Elementary and Special Education major, led the team in assists for the season, averaging 2.1 assists per game and 52 assists throughout the season. She was also the player with the third-highest number of minutes played, with 26 on average and 650 overall.

The highlight of the Cougar’s season came earlier this month on Senior Day. They played PAC Conference rival Geneva College and won 78-66.

During that game, the Cougars had a five-point lead into the half and ended up leading for the rest of the game.

The point leader for the game was sophomore Nikki Ingel with 19 points, followed by McClain, who finished with 17 points. The Cougars nailed 21 of their 25 free throws in the second half.

The Cougars will say goodbye to three seniors this season: Kayla Saylor, Becky Rowe, and Emily Schmidt.

Rowe averaged 19.6 minutes per game in 14 games this season. She averaged 7.9 points per game. Schmidt averaged 17.3 minutes per game in 14 games. She averaged 6.4 points per game.

The Cougars may not have come out with a winning record, but they can certainly boast of another season full of hard work, sportsmanship, and team effort.

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