Students work to resurrect Chatham’s forgotten music club

After years of hiatus, Chatham’s music club is starting anew. Because the club is new, members will have a chance to decide what music-related activities they would like to do.

“Music is for everyone,” said the club’s president, Hannah Gregor.

“I love music and I really hope to inspire all of you guys to love different varieties of music,” she said at the club’s first meeting in Laughlin Music Hall on September 25.

This gathering attracted about 20 students. All of them were music lovers, and some were even music majors. They were fans of not only classical music, but also of jazz, rock, dance, and many more varieties.

The Music Club will participate in, attend, and sponsor events related to music on and off campus. Gregor hopes the club will expand to support all kinds of music, dance, and song on campus and in the Pittsburgh community. She even hopes to bring musicians to campus—like students’ bands—that may not usually perform at Chatham.

The Music Club also plans to partner with other clubs, including the Ukulele Club, the Drama Club, and the Artist Collective. Through these partnerships, they can plan events and explore many kinds of music.

Members of Music Club may also have access to discounted Pittsburgh Symphony tickets, to allow for their further musical education.

At the meeting, Gregor addressed the club’s stagnation.

“I am senior, and this club didn’t exist my freshman year, so it’s been gone for a pretty long time, for at least four years,” she said.

Because the club has been inactive for so long, Gregor is hoping for members’ suggestions to help determine the club’s new programming.

Gregor insisted that the Music Club is not only for lovers of classical music.

“There are a lot of aspects in music, so music is really open,” she added.

Gregor revived the club in order to increase opportunities for Chatham students to appreciate music.

“I don’t think a lot of people appreciate music as much as they should,” she said.

“I want people to know music is not just for music majors. It’s for everyone,” Gregor continued. “You never know what you might like until you hear it or participate in it. You never know. There are so many kinds of music. Music is for everyone.”