Chatham Students get real about stereotypes at BSU’s Real Talk

Every other Monday, the Black Student Union holds a Real Talk. At Real Talk, students of any ethnicity can come and express their feelings on the topic at hand. In the latest session, participants discussed how stereotypes affect peoples’ perception of others.

 Stereotypes are generalization made on a group of people. Some common ones are African-Americans are good at basketball, or Caucasians cannot dance. These ideas are imbedded in our culture, and as a result, people are judged because of these generalizations.

 At the Real Talk, photos were shown of people of different races and the question was asked which person was a convicted felon. Minorities are often seen as possible criminals but in the two examples both Caucasians individuals were involved in criminal activities. The activity proved how stereotypes are inaccurate of an entire population of people.

 Join the BSU at the next Real Talk . All students are welcomed to speak their mind. The talks begin at seven in the Carriage House student lounge.