Everything Below the Belt Bingo

By: Jessica Keller

Photo Credit: Jessica Keller

Chatham students love bingo. The Chatham Activities Board (CAB) is aware of this and hosts many bingo events with different themes on our campus. Last month’s theme was Grocery Bingo, and this week’s was Everything Below the Belt, which is exactly what it sounds like. The prizes consisted of different health, comfort, and self-care items that are used below the belt.
Our announcers for the night were Skylar Holland and Kayla Klett from the Carriage House Planning Committee. Sitting in the Carriage House Main Lounge as bingo numbers were being called out, I could sense the calm in the room and instantly noticed how relaxed I was too. It may have just been a bingo event, but it really reminded me how taking some time out of a busy college schedule can really make you feel better.
Most of the attendees came for the fun, and of course, the prizes. “I’m a college student. I’m here for the free stuff,” said Robin Heller, a regular bingo attendee at Chatham.
The prizes included bath bombs, socks, pads, and condoms. Lucky enough, everyone who came won a few prizes, and they were all quite happy about it.
Planned Parenthood was also in attendance to answer any questions about their services, recruit volunteers, and give out goodies of their own. Part of the information they shared with us was about their It’s Okay To Ask Someone textline, in which they will anonymously answer any sex or relationship question someone sends them within 24 hours. You can text IOTAS at (412) 424 – 6827.
If you want to get in on the action and see what you could win, come to the upcoming Drag Queen bingo on October 19th at 6pm in Mellon Board Room. You can also check out events from the Carriage House Planning Committee, including weekly watch parties for the TGIT block of Shonda Rhimes’ shows, and Sunday Night Football.