Chatham Hosts Its Annual Choir Cabaret

By: Jordyn Gillard

During the afternoon on Saturday September 30th, Chatham University’s choir kicked off its annual Cabaret Benefit Concert in the James Laughlin Music Hall. The event provided friends and family the opportunity to support the choir financially, and to see their latest repertoire performed with a night of food and music. The seating for the event was first come first serve, and as a result some were left without a chair due to the popular turn out.
The benefit concert began with the choir performing “All that Jazz”, from the Broadway show Chicago, followed by fifteen solo performances from choir members. For the closing performance, all of the choir members sang “Glory” from Selma.
Choir member and Criminology major Lindsey Bost said the choir “worked on meshing together more, and sounding like one voice. After today’s performance we sounded closer to that goal.”
Fellow choir member Jodikaye Richards ‘18 added that the choir “sounded really good. There are sometimes when you can’t hear yourself on stage, because of how loud you are singing, but other than that the performance was good.”
Choir President Francesca Fello said Saturday’s event “was an opportunity for members of the choir to showcase their talents because our other events are group events, you don’t really get a chance to sing a solo in a song that’s longer than thirty seconds.”
The songs were selected from a variety of Broadway musicals. There were songs from The Wizard of Oz, The King and I, Chicago, Dreamgirls, and Chaplin.
While there was a wide variety of songs performed there was also a variety of foods served by members of the choir.
“Everything that we had besides the artichoke dip was donated by members of the choir,” Fello said.
Among the food choices were vegan and vegetarian options. There were also mock tails named after the songs performed.  
Concert goer Blake Neiderlander raved about the “really good” food. Neiderlander was there in support of his sister, choir member Kasey Neiderlander. When asked what his favorite performance was he said “Kasey’s”.
Also in attendance was Alexandra Axe, who by not having any close connections to the performers demonstrated the choir’s wider appeal. Axe commented that she really “enjoyed Chaplin, All Falls Down, and Anyways from the Bad Years.” The only thing Axe said needed improvement was the seating, but overall the “venue and performances were really good.”
Chatham Choir’s next performance will be December 7th at Carnegie Music Hall. There they will be performing with the River City Brass Band. Bost, Richards, and Fello said this is the event they are all “most excited about.” After that performance Chatham’s choir will be back in action on Chatham’s campus for Candlelight on December 15th.