CSG update: October 26 meeting

By Cameron Heyder, contributing author

  • The Class of 2018 currently has two empty seats for class of representative after multiple resignations from past representatives.
  • Class of 2018 Vice President Anna Odland of the Food Committee met with Parkhurst General Manager Courtney Blood about student’s food concerns, specifically about extending the hours due to our number of athletes. Questions and concerns about Parkhurst related issues can be sent to Odland at [email protected]
  • Graffiti in the Rea Coffee House to be suspended to preserve Chatham College for Women’s history. Debate on the new graffiti location is taking place.
  • There are plans to discontinue the Maymester due to legal issues with spring tuition payments. Maymester for 2018 will still happen, yet is not planned for future years.