Chatham Students Celebrate Halloween at Annual Mocktails and Halloween Dinner

Mocktails costume contest winners (left to right): Bethany Bookout, Sivan Nizan, Stephanie Ramser, and Jay Margolis Image by: Jessica Keller

By: Jessica Keller, staff writer

Every year on Halloween, Anderson Dining Hall transforms into a spooky setting with sweet treats, creepy food, and fun mocktails. Some of the Halloween themed food made by the Parkhurst staff included a neon green soup called Witches’ Brew, chicken wings dyed black to resemble bat wings, and cupcakes iced to look like mummies.

The mocktails competition is a chance for student organizations to present a themed drink to win a programming budget to use for events for the rest of the school year. All members of the Chatham community are welcome to try the drinks and vote for their favorites. In first place this year was the Pre-Occupational Therapy Club, for students who hope to be occupational therapists. In second place was Love Your Melon, a crew here at Chatham of the national brand dedicated to giving hats to children battling cancer and donating to nonprofits fighting pediatric cancer. In third place was the Sustainable Impact Team, who are dedicated to advocating for the environment, human rights, and social justice.

The event also had a Costume Contest which was open to all students and had three categories: scariest, punniest, and Group. The contest was hosted by Devin Fabian, with judges Simmone Bell, Jessica Bartko, and Hali Santiago. The scariest costume award was given to Jay Margolis, dressed as Moth Man. The punniest costume award was given to Stephanie Ramser, dressed as Bobby Flay. The Group costume award was given to Bethany Bookout and Sivan Nizan, dressed as a Dementor and a Patronus from Harry Potter. The winners mostly made their own costumes, and each received an Amazon gift card.