Students dance their way to a healthier lifestyle

The AFC gym was bumping the night of Monday, February 3, with high-energy music and lots of sweat as Chatham University’s departments of Health and Wellness and the Office of Student Affairs are now offering a new high-impact cardio class called Kam Jamz Fitness. The class meets every Monday at 5:00 p.m.

The class’s instructor, Melanie Niskach, described the class as, “a high-impact cardio fitness class filled with the top hot music [and] modern moves that come from Insanity, P90X, plyometrics, anything to get you sweating and have a good time while you’re doing it.”

The class was created by Kamela Niskach, and is a blend of many workout programs, with moves reminiscent of Zumba, hip hop dance, as well as the aforementioned Insanity and P90X. The moves are synched to several upbeat songs that are sure to keep your feet tapping and your hips shaking.

Though the class does involve lots of high-impact moves, there are always alternative options for those who may not be as skilled in the art of the burpee, or whose knees do not allow for the squats and jumps being performed at their highest level.

The one-hour class passes quickly, feeling, at times, more like a dance party than a workout class. The gym often has upwards of twenty people (men and women) participating in the class, however the environment is very welcoming. While most of the class consisted of students and faculty that had attended before, newbies were encouraged completely, and none of the moves were too difficult for a first-timer. In fact, all of the routines were basic enough to pick up quickly, while still packing quite the cardio punch.

Kam Jamz is a great place to begin working out in a fun and exciting way. It is also a great option for anyone looking to spice up a boring routine while still getting a fantastic cardio workout.