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Little Red Riding Vogue: Luella Bartley makes her comeback at NYFW’s Marc by Marc Jacobs fall ’14


What do you get when you add together Luella Bartley, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and “Alice in Wonderland”? Me—crying.

For those of you who like ridiculously adorable dresses with a lot of spunk and character, I really hope you are familiar with Luella Bartley and her eponymous line Luella. If you’re not, you should definitely become acquainted! Unfortunately, Bartley called it quits for Luella in 2009—to the shock and horror of many rock and roll girly girls like Chloe Sevigny, Alexa Chung, Kate Nash, and Lily Allen. But when one door closes, another one opens. Recently word came out that Bartley would be taking over as design director of Marc by Marc Jacobs—the cute and affordable younger sister of Marc Jacobs.

For those who still aren’t sure what the difference is between Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs is a different line from the same fashion house. It’s a little more punk and aimed towards a younger crowd—which also means the prices are a little more wallet-friendly. Also the fashion on the whole is less couture and more retail—which made it a perfect fit for Bartley’s extremely desirable young adult dresses.

On Tuesday, the Marc by Marc Jacobs fall ’14 runway show aired on Livestream for the viewing pleasures of fashion freaks such as myself. And I must say, the new creative director of Marc by Marc Jacobs, Katie Hillier, knocked it out of the park. The video allowed for live tweeting during the roughly nine-minute-long show and showed an array of front row guests such as Grace Coddington and J. Alexander. Marc Jacobs himself was present of course—with gal pals Chung and Sofia Coppola.

The show began with swelling music from Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland”—the models walking on a wooden platform that curved with swirling arches and zigzagged through the audience. Many of the early looks centered on shades of black and red and all of the models had their hair in two tight braids. About two minutes in, the music shifted towards tribal drumming as more colors found their way into the show. Then things got weird with some electronic music that involved an eerie computer voice reading lines from “Alice in Wonderland”.

The music was spot on though. The line obviously drew inspiration from “Alice in Wonderland” and was strongly reminiscent of the video for “Oblivion” by Grimes. There was a unique mix of grungy BMX-ninja girls with loud colors and phrases displayed on their mismatched outfits, and balanced gray outfits with more serious tones and enormous bows. The models generally walked in an assortment of what can only be described as combat and ninja boots or platform sneakers. Some of the outfits featured phrases like “Bunny Hop”, “Revolution”, and “Grrl”. Obviously, Bartley has not lost her inner punk girl.

Masters of accessories, Hillier and Bartley didn’t skimp on extra details. Some models sported bandanas that covered their mouths with images of a skeleton’s teeth. Others toted plaid or striped leather handbags. Headgear was generally limited to Alice-inspired headbands.

At the end of course, Hillier and Bartley greeted the audience in incredible ensembles, laughing and talking as they entered—clearly pleased with the amazing show. Like Chung said after the show, it was inspiring and impressive. In fact, Chung and Bartley both admitted to getting teary-eyed as well. There is so much obvious potential here and I cannot wait to see what else will come from this fabulous duo.

Check out Luella Bartley’s previous work here!

Watch the show here!

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