Out of Left Field: Netflix packs up

Out of Left Field – that’s how Doodlebug has been feeling lately. Everything seems like it’s happening so fast! He’s rebranding with the help of his friends. New experiences, new locations, and new ideas! Stay tuned to see how Doodlebug continues his journey through Pittsburgh’s and the world’s current events.

Alexis Taranto

Doodlebug: Ding dong, Netflix is gone!

Bird: Yeah, I know… I live here too.

Doodlebug: I was walking to class and they were in my way. No, sorry. I was in their way.

Bird: I mean you were in their way.

Doodlebug: They were everywhere, and I pay to be here too!

Bird: Wait, me too. I never thought about it that way.

Doodlebug: It made me kind of want to steal something.

Bird: Which you should NEVER do.

Doodlebug: Oh, of course. I would never.