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Open letter from Class of 2014 senior Senate members to Chatham Alumnae

Dear Alumnae,

In a few short months we as seniors will join you in the ranks of Chatham College for Women alumnae. The aim of this letter is to share our confusion, disappointment, and hurt over some reactions to the recent announcement regarding the Board of Trustees’ proposal towards considering a coeducational undergraduate program. This letter does not represent a specific stance on the announcement.

We are not here to say whether we support or are against a coeducational undergraduate program. The Class of 2014 Executive Board is speaking directly to the alumnae we are about to join. We are not here to accuse and berate you. We sympathize with you and your frustrations. We just want to say the way that some are reacting does not square with our view of world ready behavior.

Our frustration stems from a couple of sources. First, having a petition to withhold donations when only 22% of alumnae donate. We recognize that financially, times may be tough. As a board, we have a goal of increasing this when we graduate. This is abysmal because the Class of 2014 is striving to raise funds for the betterment of Chatham. This view is hurting the community you are vowing to save. If your target is the administration please note that the rest of the school is deeply affected as well. We are in the process of fundraising for a senior gift and it is disappointing to see that we have lost support in our efforts to renovate Rea Coffeehouse into a functional space for future students while still preserving its historical integrity. Be mindful that this has an impact on the Chatham community as a whole.

Secondly, the general tone of a significant number of alumnae that has been heard lacks that of acceptance, respect, and open mindedness. As World Ready Women we are taught to be respectful of diversity and to listen to varied opinions. As class leaders we were elected to represent all opinions and views. The general tone has made students uncomfortable and discouraged them from voicing their opinions.

We find it amazing that so many alumnae have come out of the woodwork to fight for what they believe is right. We are proud to join your ranks. We just hope that all of us can take all the passion and fervor that is out there and channel it towards positive solutions and respectful dialogue. Although our generations and classes may be different we should uphold the same core values that Chatham instilled in us: women’s education, diversity, sustainability, and global awareness. We are different but very much the same, which is why united we must stand. We look forward to building a better Chatham University with you.

We deeply appreciate and thank you for taking the time to listen to us.


Class of 2014 senior Senate members

*Edited 2/27/14: From Class of 2014 senior Senate members rather than CSG

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