Out of Left Field: Tip your delivery drivers

Out of Left Field – that’s how Doodlebug has been feeling lately. Everything seems like it’s happening so fast! He’s rebranding with the help of his friends. New experiences, new locations, and new ideas! Stay tuned to see how Doodlebug continues his journey through Pittsburgh’s and the world’s current events.

Alexis Taranto, Artist

Doodlebug: Doordash?

Bird: Sure.

Doodlebug: You tipped 20%, right?

Bird: …No? Why would I tip them that much when they’re just driving over here?

Doodlebug: Because the delivery drivers deserve a tip?

Bird: They’re just delivery drivers.

Doodlebug: But without them, you couldn’t get your…McDonald’s…really?

Bird: Yes. Do you have something against McDonald’s now?

Doodlebug: No…just there’s one right around the corner.

Bird: So?! I don’t want to go out.

Doodlebug: Then TIP! And with Covid too -they’re risking their lives because you want a Big Mac!