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Foodie on the Half Shell: Mind your meat

Photo Credit: Olivia Beals

I began being a pescatarian at the age of 11, and it was mostly because I was obsessed with knowing about animal cruelty in big factories and farms. I had a YouTube account, and all of my most favorite videos were about cows getting hormones pumped into them, and cows never seeing a ray of sunlight their entire life.

That sounds extremely grotesque, but I wanted to know the facts and I didn’t want to ignore them. I tried to share the information with kids my age and it was shocking to me that 1. they did not care and 2. they continued to eat mystery bologna with great ease.

”What is wrong with these monsters?” I wondered. After growing up, talking to some people, and studying public relations, I realized that some people really just don’t know what these animals go through, just for us to have some bacon.

First, I’d like to talk about the fact that gestation crates are still used. Now, granted, they have become bigger (enough for the animal to turn around…gee, thanks guys) and less used in general, but no one should use these things. Period.

They are so cruel and old-fashioned that it scares me to think about. What they are, are little cages that are just big enough for animals, pigs usually, to stay in for the entirety of their life. Usually, these pigs are so pumped with hormones to make them fatter, that they are spilling out of these cages.

Chickens are all put together in a big cage, which is bad for many reasons–one being that they start to eat each other after while.

Cows also have very small cages that they are forced to live in, and are tied by the feet in midair to have their throats slit. These animals, which should be allowed to graze and run free, are being forced to live in big smelly factories and die a vile death.  This is completely inhumane, but besides that, these animals are not good to put inside of our bodies.

Many pigs are being fed piglets, and most animals are being pumped with hormones. What they have in their bodies goes into our bodies when we eat them. That is why going for hormone-free, natural, sustained meats is the best possible choice.

I don’t eat meat, I only eat fish, but that doesn’t mean I think it’s always wrong to eat meat. I think if you buy organic or natural meats that are from companies with a good reputation in their animal care then you are golden! Enjoy some steak! But I think that it is really important that people follow those guidelines.

Eating generic meats is bad for your body and our environment. Brands that are safe to try are brands like Applegate Farms, Niman Ranch, and Murray’s. Just looking for key words like “organic” and “hormone free” can really transform your buy into a smart one.

I hope everyone is a little smarter with their meat eating, and takes the time to take care of their own bodies–not just the animals’. If I swayed you, and you become a vegetarian, awesome! But if not, that’s okay too. Just make sure the cow lived a fair life! All living things deserve that.

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