Out of Left Field: Doodlebug hospitalized

Out of Left Field — that’s how Doodlebug has been feeling lately. Everything seems like it’s happening so fast! New experiences, new locations and new ideas! Stay tuned to see how Doodlebug continues his journey through Pittsburgh’s and the world’s current events.


Alexis Taranto

Bird: Oh no, what happened?

Doodlebug: I broke my foot.

Bird: Did you trip over the rocks on the path in front of Dilworth?

Doodlebug: No…

Bird: Was it those orange scooters?

Doodlebug: No…

Bird: Stairs in front of Woodland?

Doodlebug: No…

Bird: Well what was it then?

Doodlebug: I fell coming back from my class in the ADC in the dark at 9:30 p.m.