Students juggle classes with creating jewelry

Jake Lach, Contributing Writer

Looking for something to give your outfit a little more pop? Several students at Chatham University use their creativity and entrepreneurship to sell handmade jewelry. 

Here’s a look at a couple of them and where to find their creations.

Wishbone Jewelry by Sydney Amdurs

Sydney Amdurs ‘23 (@sydneyamdurs on Instagram) used her time during the first COVID-19 shutdown to begin Wishbone Jewelry. Amdurs uses sustainable materials to make accessories, from rings to necklace pendants, by hand.

“I use a lot of beads, crystals and other things like that,” Amdurs said.

Most of the materials are sourced from either family and friends or local thrift and vintage shops.

“People that are interested in my jewelry are interested in bettering the Earth and bettering the place around them,” Amdurs said. “And I think it’s so cool that people who have that mindset become interested in my stuff.”

Amdurs has sold around 200 items since beginning in April 2020. To shop Wishbone Jewelry, find Amdurs’ shop on Etsy or go to @wishbonejewelry_ on Instagram.

Let’s Get Shrinky by Juliette Lopez

Juliette Lopez ‘21 (@juliettelopez on Instagram) started Let’s Get Shrinky during the recent pandemic, as well.

“It started off as kind of my quarantine hobby,” Lopez said.

Lopez hand draws designs called Shrinky Dinks — polystyrene sheets that retain color and shrink when heated — to make the earrings. She comes up with the designs based on stuff she likes, but she also offers custom-ordered pairs.

“People send me a lot of their pets. … I get a lot of cats, a lot of dogs,” Lopez said.

Through the past year and a half, Let’s Get Shrinky has sold over 370 pairs of earrings. Most of the sales are made through Instagram, but Lopez also makes sales through Depop.

In addition to selling their designs online, both Amdurs and Lopez attend local fairs and markets, so keep an eye out for them at future events in Pittsburgh.