Out of Left Field: Skipping Bad. No Skipping

Out of Left Field — that’s how Doodlebug has been feeling lately. Everything seems like it’s happening so fast! New experiences, new locations and new ideas! Stay tuned to see how Doodlebug continues his journey through Pittsburgh’s and the world’s current events.


Alexis Taranto

Doodlebug: I’m so tired of these night classes, man…

Bird: Me too. I just want to go to bed.

Doodlebug: I don’t necessarily have the energy to talk about 14th-century painting techniques at 8 pm!

Bird: Same, and I can’t skip because they’re only once a week.

Doodlebug: And also skipping is bad and wrong or whatever.

Bird: Oh yeah. Right. No skipping. We need to be role models or something.