The Communiqué presents the first ever Quadcast episode

Riley Hurst-Brubaker

Carson Gates

Welcome to the Quadcast! This video-podcast series will take place around campus, and will pick the mind of the Chatham community.

Our first episode focuses on the pronunciation of the Communiqué, and whether or not they can say the name correctly. If the guests on the show can read the name correctly, or learn the correct way, they win a limited edition t-shirt.

Besides the talk about how to say Communiqué, the Quadcast talked to students on some more serious topics.

The University recently changed the mask policy, and we had our guests weigh in on if they think it was the right time, and whether masks should become optional in the classroom.

Finally, we chatted about where the water bottle stations on campus are, and how to even use them.

Comment below on future questions you would like us to ask the community of Chatham University.