Communiqué quadcast episode two: two lies and a truth

Riley Hurst-Brubaker

Carson Gates and Alice Crow

The second iteration of the Quadcast has a special April Fools twist, as our co-hosts Carson Gates and Alice Crow pick the minds of the students in the Chatham community. 

Guests were asked to play a game called “two lies and a truth” with events that may or may not have happened here on campus. They were asked to find the thing that actually happened out of the three options the hosts asked. 

Besides the game, episode two asked students a plethora of questions from best study tips during finals week, to the best food to get at Anderson Dining Hall.

A chilly day forced the crew to move away from the quad and talk to students around campus.

Comment down below some questions you would like to be asked for the next episode of the Quadcast!