Students share their study tips for finals

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Chelsea Perello

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the work that is being assigned or with final exams approaching? Being a student in college can be stressful, especially with deadlines approaching constantly. Students can work on managing this stress by learning better ways to study and manage their time. The Communiqué spoke with students about their studying tips for finals week. 

Breaking it up 

Do not look at all the materials at once. Break it apart into different sections to make it easier on your brain. Taking breaks in between is important too, but make sure you manage your time wisely, so you won’t have to rush.

“A way I study is by reading the text over and taking out key or important parts in the text and noting them. This also helps to look up things you didn’t understand or were curious about.”

– Julia Staab ‘25, communications major


“I make a study guide if we are not provided one by pulling information from previous resources from the unit. I then have the key concepts and important information laid out so I can study what I need for the test. One thing I find really helpful is trying to collaborate with my classmates to study so we can all work together and have a better understanding.”                                                               

     –  Kassidy Wagner ‘25, education major 

Understanding the work

“I try to get all of my work done way before it is due so if I have practice or a game, I do not stress about it because the work is out of the way. Rewriting all the materials is very important, so you refresh your mind with what you’re learning. I try to understand the work in a different way than how it was taught during the class. Having yourself feel like you’re taking a regular test rather than a final exam really helps you relax and not stress as much.”

               – Ashley Guidone ‘23, exercise science major and student-athlete 

Find a quiet place

“I try to find time in between classes before practice or game day so this way the information stays with me throughout the day when I come back to it. When I study, I try to find a quiet place without noise so I can concentrate and focus on what I must take the exam on. Sometimes I study for an hour and take a 30-minute break in between study sessions so this way I am fully rested and focused.”

                                       – Agustin Carranza ‘25, international business major and student-athlete 

If students are interested in studying on campus, they can visit the JKM library or other study spots like the Carriage House or the Mellon sunroom. Students can also reserve rooms in the library for private or group study by visiting the library website or speaking to the front desk. 

If students don’t want to stay on campus, there are many coffee shops to study at on Walnut Street, a short walk from the Chatham Shadyside campus. Some popular destinations are Coffee Tree Roasters, Jitters, or Cappy’s Café. 

Jitters Café 

Jitters Café is a local coffee shop that is a couple blocks away from Chatham. This coffee shop offers sitting areas for students to study while enjoying their tasty treats. They also provide outdoor seating if students would like to sit outside on a nice day. They open early in the morning and close later in the evening so it’s very reasonable for studying time.  

Coffee Tree Roasters 

The Coffee Tree Roasters is one of the most popular coffee shops that every college student goes to study. This coffee shop is bigger than normal town shops. They have a lower level where chairs and tables are set up for people to sit and socialize. The higher level is the lounge area. This is where they have sofas and more sitting areas so you can study. They provide many outlets for your devices, so you do not have to worry about your laptop dying while in the middle of doing your work. 

Cappy’s Café

Cappy’s Café is more of a sit-down breakfast, lunch, and dinner Café. This café provides free WIFI as well along with great food while you study. They have a bar area if you’re 21+ you could go there with friends to study, but also grab drinks. This gives you a way to have some fun with friends after studying and enjoy your free time. Being in college you have a lot of stress on your back so being able to get out and go somewhere that Is just right down the street would be simple, safe, but also fun. They provide outside dining as well. If it is a nice evening, you could sit outside to get a quieter space to get work done. 

 Shady Grove  

Shady Grove is a very popular restaurant on Walnut Street. This restaurant provides lunch and dinner specials for reasonable prices. The restaurant lets you seat yourself so you could feel comfortable in your own space. They have a variety of choices for indoor seating. You could get a booth, high up tables, and regular tables in the corner of the restaurant. They provide outlets for your laptop if you would choose to study there after your meal. The outdoor dining is very nice for a warm day if you like to sit outside and study. After you’re done eating or want to go someplace quieter, they have an upstairs where you could sit and do your work without any hassle.