Trespasser arrested for break in at Health Services


Outside of Health Services at the Shadyside Campus. Photo Credit: Madison Butina

Madison Butina

On Feb. 20, 2023, a non-student was reported and charged with trespassing in Health Services. The non-student was found inside of Health Services at 5 a.m. by housekeeping staff, who alerted Chatham University Public Safety.  Public Safety officers made contact with the trespasser, who has since been identified and is awaiting a court hearing. 

The Communiqué is currently investigating the events of the incident as well as Public Safety’s response. Public Safety was contacted regarding the details of the report and safety measures in place to prevent incidents of trespassing in the future. 

“We believe,” says head of Public Safety, Chief Grossi, “that the individual entered Woodland by piggybacking after a resident student swiped in and eventually entered the Health Center by using the fire exit route through the basement of Woodland. The door between the Counseling Center and Health Services was unlocked, which allowed him to access the space.”

In Woodland, these areas have been alarmed and cameras have been installed. Public Safety did not provide details regarding the prevention of incidents like this in other locations on campus. 

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