Chatham Student Government elections to include competitive executive president race and a chance to vote on four resolutions


Jackson Adkins ’25 and Anna Betar ’25 run for CSG executive president. Photo Credit: Chatham Student Government

Alice Crow

For the first time in a few years, there will be a competitive race for Chatham Student Government executive president. Class President Jackson Adkins ‘25 and Class Representative Anna Betar ‘25 have both filed to run for the position. 

Candidates will officially campaign from March 28 to April 3, with voting opening to students on Brightspace from April 4 to 6. Students will have the opportunity to vote on executive leadership, class positions and four resolutions.

Other competitive races this election cycle include Anastasia Harouse ‘25 and Class Representative Madison Stokes ‘26 running for Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion, as well as Class Vice President Ashanti Lopez ‘24 competing for 2024 Class President against incumbent Sophia Boyle ‘24. 

All other races for student positions will be unopposed or will require voters to write in the candidate of their choice. Students will also have the opportunity to vote on four proposed resolutions:

Quick Fix Amendment

The Quick Fix Amendment proposes modifying the minimum number of members required to be present at meetings. This will lower the requirement from three-fourths to three-fifth of voting members to constitute a quorum. 

The amendment provides a revised standard schedule for voting on referendums, initiatives and constitutional amendments, eliminating the requirement to hold elections within one month of filing. 

The amendment also modifies impeachment procedures, allowing an impeachment trial to happen within two weeks of a motion to impeach, not necessarily at the next CSG Senate meeting. The ad-hoc committee description was also modified to extend the life of a committee past one year if it has not fulfilled its duties. 

The amendment also transfers powers to revise CSG bylaws to the Senate. The duties of the executive vice president were modified so that they may assume the role of executive president, if there is a vacancy, without advice or consent from the Senate. 

Diversity & Inclusion Committee Amendment

The Diversity & Inclusion Committee amendment will provide representation of one designated member from each cultural and identity-based student organization on the Diversity and Inclusion Committee. The organization must be recognized by the Office of Student Engagement. 

Pennsy the Seal Non-Binding Referendum

The Pennsy the Seal Non-Binding Referendum will allow CSG to gain information on whether the student body supports bringing back Chatham’s past mascot, Pennsy the Seal. 

The referendum will read, “Pennsy the Seal served as mascot of Chatham University from 1946 – 1995. She was a friendly, helpful goofball who found a home at Chatham. Do you support reinstituting Pennsy the Seal as the official mascot of Chatham University?” 

The results will have no direct effect on Chatham University’s mascot.

Academic Advocacy Committee Amendment

The Academic Advocacy Committee Amendment proposes to instate the Academic Advocacy Committee as a standing committee of CSG. The committee will be responsible for advocating on behalf of students’ academic rights. The committee will serve as a liaison between students, staff and faculty in order to promote a strong and safe academic environment.