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Communiqué staff picks best movies to watch in the fall

Sarah Naccarato
Communiqué staff picks for best movies to watch in fall.

As the fall season reaches its prime, many people find themselves cuddled under a blanket and searching for a good movie to watch during the cold weather. Set the perfect mood this season and take a look at the Communiqué staff picks for the best fall movies to watch and where to find them. 

Emily Brooks – Graphic Designer

  • Practical Magic – Two sisters are born into a magical family and tap into their true roots following the death of a questionable boyfriend in an attempt to resurrect him. Safe to say, things don’t go as planned.
    • Hulu
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox – Mr. Fox puts his family and life in danger during the execution of one of the biggest farm heists in animal history. Through tricks, teamwork and thoroughly crafted plans, Mr. Fox and the other animals of the land try to escape after being forced underground as a result of the heist.
    • Max, Hulu premium, Amazon Prime premium

Riley Hurst Brubaker – Video Editor

  • Bottoms – Two queer high school girls start a fight club in hopes to spark up their love life. Before they know it, the club is growing in numbers.
    • $5.99 on Amazon Prime and YouTube 

Carson Gates – Editor-in-Chief

  • Little Women – Set during and following the Civil War, “Little Women” follows the story of the four sisters in the March family and their encounters with success, love, self-sacrifice and family.
    • Starz, Hulu premium, Amazon Prime premium

Abigail Hakas – Opinion Editor

  • Pride & Prejudice – Adapted from Jane Austen’s novel, Elizabeth Bennet is consistently reminded of her duty to marry. After her introduction to potential suitor Mr. Darcy, the couple face some risky conflicts.
    • Netflix

Charlotte Larson – Lifestyle Editor

  • Beetlejuice – Following the sudden death of the newly wed Barbara and Adam Maitland, the couple is left to unsuccessfully haunt their prior home. They recruit help from a spirit known as “Beetlejuice” to scare away the quirky new owners of their home.
    • Max or Amazon Prime premium 

Jade Lombardo – Social Media Manager

  • Jennifer’s Body – After an encounter that ends in possession, Jennifer develops a taste for male’s human flesh. Her best friend, Needy takes it upon herself to put an end to Jennifer’s rampage. 
    • Max, Hulu premium or Amazon Prime premium 

Jorie Meil – Digital Editor

  • Carrie – Based on a Stephen King novel, the misunderstood teen Carrie faces ridiculing from classmates and abuse from her mother. Unexpected events lead Carrie to believe she may have supernatural powers, which lead to a series of unfortunate events to unfold at her prom. 
    • Max, Hulu premium or Amazon Prime premium
  • The Craft – Following her transition to a new high school, Sarah joins a group of three witchy teens as they discover her telekinetic powers. The troubled teens become power-hungry following the success of a minor spell. 
    • Hulu and Netflix

Sarah Naccarato – Contributing Writer

  • When Harry Met Sally – Recent college graduates Harry and Sally share a car ride from Chicago to New York which leads to a frustrating conversation regarding how men and women can never truly be friends. Years after they depart, Harry and Sally meet again, and their relationship develops.
    • Free on Tubi
  • Alien – Awakened from their cryo-sleep chambers, the crew of commercial starship Nostromo investigate the distress call from an alien vessel. After an alien organism attaches itself onto a crew member, the ship and crew is put at severe risk. 
    • Hulu
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Sarah Naccarato
Sarah Naccarato, Digital Editor
Sarah Naccarato ‘27 is a communications major with a concentration in journalism. A Pittsburgh suburb native, Sarah accidentally discovered Chatham on a school trip and has since been finding more people with similar and equally weird interests. Sarah enjoys writing a little bit about everything. Outside of the Communiqué, she enjoys nature, reading, driving with music and the windows down, making weird art and watching a little too many movies. For inquiries, Sarah can be best reach via email @[email protected] or on Instagram @sarah.n.17.

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