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Communiqué’s fall playlist picks of 2023

As the first month of school rolls into Midterms, the final hurrah of warm, sun-kissed days and green foliage carries into breezy weather and exciting autumn festivities. With building feelings of anticipation for what the season has to offer, the Communiqué staff has curated a hand-picked list of fall must-listens, as well as descriptions of our favorites for an enhanced audio experience.

“Linger” by The Cranberries, submitted by Emily Brooks ‘27

“This fall, I’m letting it linger,” Communiqué’s very own Emily Brooks tells viewers. Emphasized by Brooks, autumn is a season representative of reflection and change, both emotionally and environmentally, and The Cranberries’ hit song captures these feelings perfectly through its lyrics and evident showcase of Irish twang. The band’s introspection of a past lover’s lasting impression is the perfect comparison to this season’s changing foliage and students’ shift in attitude as they attempt to grasp onto any lasting feelings of carefree summers. 

“Here’s Where the Story Ends” by The Sundays, submitted by Sarah Naccarato ‘27

“Here’s where the Story Ends” is a song defined by its tinny notes and dreamy guitar strumming, making it a perfect musical storm for seasonal nostalgia. Complimentary to the instrumentals, the lyrics create a whimsical semblance of the singer’s recollection of the past year, bringing up feelings of understanding, regret, embarrassment, and other relatable emotions that work together to make this track one for end-of-year remembrance. 

“Float On” by Modest Mouse, submitted by Abigail Hakas ‘24

“Float On” by Modest Mouse pairs upbeat bass and hypnotizing drums with the spunky vocals of their lead singer, creating a song that pairs well with the colorful emotions that come with autumn festivities. This selection brings a breath of fresh air to the playlist, through a bridge and chorus that remind us that despite fall’s challenges: increasing schoolwork, feelings of isolation, cold weather and other unnamed examples, everything will be okay. 

Head on Fire by Griff, submitted by Riley Hurst Brubaker ‘24

“Head on Fire” by Griff adds an energetic perspective to the collection of chosen songs, a much-needed variable in the transition to end-of-year weather. With fresh vitality and undefeated pep, this song is the perfect choice for motivation before a big event or an extra boost in the morning.

Playground Love by Air, submitted by Leyna Laurent ‘26

Melancholic vocals and strong, present instrumentals bring a crisp autumn feel to balance out the provided list. Playground Love by Air is a song that allows its listeners to enjoy the melody without being an all-present consumer. With simple lyrics and powerful instrumental breaks, this song is an easy listen for making everyday tasks and brisk walks through gorgeous seasonal scenes a little more special.

Click here to see the whole playlist on Spotify

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Ireland Kennedy, Contributing Writer
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