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Chatham intramural sports to expand opportunities for student engagement

Sign at the entrance to the practice field at Chatham’s Shadyside Campus. Photo Credit: Joseph Small

Intramural sports at Chatham University previously consisted of events, typically taking place on a monthly basis. These events provide opportunities for competitive events in a less formal environment and allow for increased participation compared to the NCAA.

Today, intramural sporting events are only held a few times a year.

Dani Pais, Chatham’s assistant athletic director, explained that plans are to give new life to this program by offering an increased list of events more frequently. 

“We are looking this spring to implement something that is a little bit more weekly,” Pais said. 

Currently, two major intramural events are planned to take place later in the 2024 spring semester. These include a wiffleball tournament at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, March 12 as a partnership with the Exercise Science Club. To compete in the wiffleball tournament, email [email protected]. There will also be a 3v3 basketball tournament at 2 p.m. on April 14, both of which will be taking place in the Athletic and Fitness Center. 

Additional intramural events include trips to Top Golf, a sports entertainment complex that features an electronically tracked golf driving range. These will take place every Tuesday from March 19 until April 16. 

However, one obstacle in rolling out these activities is the limited availability of space beyond the AFC, particularly since intramural sports are not given precedence over scheduled NCAA events. 

“We have a challenge around the fact that we only have one gym,” Pais said. “We are trying to accommodate everyone on campus with just one facility.”

Introducing intramural events that can coexist with the university’s NCAA events is one way to counteract these space limitations. Pais noted sports like ping pong and billiards, as viable options that can be offered without conflicting with the schedule of NCAA events. This approach not only circumvents the issue of limited space but also diversifies intramural sports from what is most typically seen already.

The intramural sports organizers encourage students to contribute ideas for other unconventional sports that they would like to see take place on campus. 

“We are always looking for ways to implement intramurals that are less traditional,” Pais said. “We have an open-door policy for students to share what they would like to see happen with intramural sports.”

Chatham’s Athletic Engagement Committee is planning on organizing an athletic engagement fair later on in the 2024 spring semester, although a definitive date is still tentative. For further information regarding intramural sports, email [email protected]. This email is also applicable for suggestions and feedback regarding future intramural sports events. More information regarding the already scheduled events along with additional contact information can be found at

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