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Little Red Riding Vogue: Think Globally, Shop Locally

While working for WHIRL this summer, one of my favorite parts of the internship was familiarizing myself with local shops. These were stores that I must have walked past a million times in my life, but had never really seen. And not only did the internship get me into the shops; it also got me acquainted with the store owners and employees—considering you wouldn’t really trust a stranger to come in, take whatever they like, and leave.

Now, of course, I do have my own particular tastes, and so not every store’s style matched up with my own. It doesn’t mean they weren’t great—it just means that I’m very particular. Also, some of the stores would be geared towards an older generation so their styles did not work for a younger person.

One of my favorite stores was Kristi Boutique in Aspinwall. Although I cannot remember seeing it before in passing, I’m sure I must have. And now, whenever I head down to the Waterworks Mall, I can’t help but notice it.

Kristi Boutique boasts a great selection of clothes and styles that can honestly work for any age group. Specifically, they have a denim “bar” with dozens upon dozens of jeans, shorts, and more. They also explicitly carry Project 11 belts and belt buckles that you can interchange for a unique look every time. They have an abundant supply of soft t-shirts for yoga and a great assortment of accessories—such as designer sunglasses that could make you swoon.

Being in the same building as a yoga studio, Kristi Boutique has a relaxing atmosphere to the point where you could lose hours in there, just checking out every intimate detail of the little store. Everyone that works there is a pocket full of sunshine and although the prices are pretty steep, I would absolutely recommend stopping in if you’re in the area.

Another store I was head over heels for was e.b. Pepper on Walnut Street in Shadyside. Although it’s a bit less relaxed than Kristi Boutique, e.b. Pepper has the most incredible clothes. Sure the atmosphere is a bit stuffy, and if you’re young and wild like I am, you constantly feel like they’re watching you like a shoplifter, but the fashion absolutely outweighs any negatives.

Much like its atmosphere, the fashion of e.b. Pepper is high class, but also charming. Once again, the prices are pretty intimidating, but definitely worth it. If you ever need an incredible dress for an important event, and you’ve got money to burn, go to e.b. Pepper. You’ll find something that no one else can top, and everyone can admire. If you want to look “Vogue”, shop at e.b. Pepper.

Finally, not far from e.b. Pepper is Roberta Weissburg Leathers. All I can say of Roberta is if you wish you were a celebrity, then just stop by her shop.

Being a boutique, Roberta likes to get to know her customers, and then be their personal shopper in a way. She buys her stock with you in mind, and takes note of the styles that you prefer—not to mention her store is always packed with gorgeous belts and fun, art-themed socks. She has an overwhelming collection of cowboy/cowgirl boots and a talent for personalizing leather that could knock your socks off. And as an added bonus, she’s extremely nice.

If you’re ever looking for something to do, and you’re near any of these shops, definitely stop inside. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for copies of WHIRL!

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