Chatham’s Undergraduate Budget Committee meets to allocate funds

Undergraduate Budget Committee (UBC) members, who meet biweekly, gathered in PCW room on Tuesday, November 4 and discussed five funding requests from the Muslim Student Association (MSA), the Creative Writing Club, Chabad on Chatham, the Vira I. Heinz scholarship recipients, and the Student Alumni Association. The UBC granted $402.50 to the Creative Writing Club, $150 to Chabad on Chatham, and $293.09 to the Vira I. Heinz scholarship recipients.

The MSA, which was not granted funds, proposed two events: Henna Art and Arabic name T-shirts. “The Muslim Student Association events aim to help support the Syrian and Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan with winter supplies,” said Raya Abunuwar, president of MSA. “On Friday, November 15, the MSA will announce how much money was raised for this cause,” said Abunuwar.

Chatham’s Creative Writing Club proposed an event titled “Rea Coffeehouse Reading Series”. The event will showcase the work of five featured readers–each given seven to eight minutes to read their prose/poetry–and an open mic session.

Chabad on Chatham, requested funds for a Pre-Chanukah Party and the Vira I. Heinz scholarship recipients proposed an event named “PREACH: Understanding Religion’s Contribution to Culture.” The purpose of the event is to bring the scholarship recipients’ summer experiences abroad and share them with the local community at Chatham and in Pittsburgh.

UBC’s priority is to fund requests that benefit most of Chatham University student body; are on-campus events; are collaborative between student organizations; and positively contribute to student life, leadership development, diversity advancement, and/or educational engagement.