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Chatham University hosts annual Spring Formal at Phipps Conservatory

On the evening of Friday, April 10, Chatham University’s Offices of Student Activities and Residence Life hosted the annual Spring Formal. Students bought tickets throughout the months of March and April, making the event highly anticipated.

The event was hosted at Phipps Conservatory, a welcome change from last year’s venue of Rea Coffeehouse. Attendees began the evening with a stroll through the exhibits, ending in the Tropical Forest Congo, to which the venue was connected.

A blank white room had been transformed earlier in the day to feature spring colors, tables, and a dance floor. Attendees were met with light refreshments—tapenade, cupcakes, pudding, and, of course, Parkhurst’s famous artichoke dip. Those over 21 also had the opportunity to partake in the cash bar, while those underage got to enjoy sodas and water.

The wall of windows was uncovered for the first hour or so of the event, allowing attendees a beautiful view of the Pittsburgh sunset. Those were later covered up to give way to a more club-like atmosphere.

Throughout the night, students were allowed to mill through the conservatory, taking advantage of the spring exhibits such as the Butterfly Forest and the Spring Flower Show. With the flowers finally blooming, the exhibits were truly a sight to behold. Well-dressed students were seen throughout the conservatory all night.

“It was really cool to be able to walk around Phipps…because I’ve never been there before,” said first year Teri Bradford.

The evening got off to a bit of a slow start, as with most events. For the first hour or so, attendees slowly filtered in, getting snacks and drinks and mingling around the room.

Around eight o’clock, the party picked up as the first groups of students made their way to the dance floor. From that point on, it was a non-stop singing and dancing party to the current hits, as well as a few classic favorites spun by the DJ, who graciously took song requests throughout the evening.

“When everyone started dancing, it got really fun,” said sophomore Maraena Testa. “It was great getting to see people that I don’t see on campus very often, and I loved that we got to walk around Phipps, because I hadn’t been there in years.”

Bradford agreed, saying, “Spring Formal was surprisingly fun. There was a good turn out, the DJ was great, and the refreshments were on point.”

The party wound down at ten o’clock, when the Conservatory closed and students were ushered out. As a parting gift, students took home “flower bombs”—seeds encased in a clay-like mixture that attendees could plant and watch grow throughout the spring. It will be a wonderful reminder of a very fun evening.

Overall, the event was a success. Attendees thoroughly enjoyed the venue, food, music, and great company. There is no doubt that the tradition will continue for many years to come.

Reflecting on the evening, sophomore Juliet Casinelli said, “There is nothing better than getting together with your best girlfriends, dancing, singing, and laughing. Spring Formal was a blast. I can’t wait till next year.”

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