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Foodie on the half shell: Kombucha for what ails you

kombuchaA cure-all drug, Kombucha, has recently been introduced into my life at my new job at Whole Foods. Kombucha and I have been inseparable since. This fermented tea is made from sugar, water and tea, and you can add other flavors to make it tasty.

It’s sour, it’s fizzy, it’s technically a mushroom and it is the best thing to hit these taste buds in a while. Kombucha originated in China and was known as a “Godly Tea.” People who drank it were said to live forever. Who knew you could buy eternal life for $3.99 around the corner?

Well, there is no real evidence that Kombucha is a cure-all drug, but I have evidence that it is a spectacular find. I get bored of drinking and eating the same things. We all know what strawberry, garlic and nutty flavors are, but Kombucha introduced me to another realm of taste. Some people think it has a strong vinegar taste, but I find it has more of a sour taste that is very pleasant.

It is also fizzy, which is caused by a natural carbonation that occurs during its fermentation. It’s like a delicious soda, only it’s better for you. You have to watch the sugar content, but I have only drunk bottles with about six to eight grams of sugar in it. Relatively speaking, that isn’t too bad.

Kombucha is made from an ancient recipe from China. It was said to be the elixir of youth, and cured many diseases and other ailments. It is created by growing what they call a “Manchurian mushroom” on top of sweetened tea. The tea is a mystic drink that is said to have many benefits, but no one is quite sure what they are. There isn’t much in this drink. It is lacking in vitamins, and the only significant mineral in it is sodium.

Its name comes from the Chinese word “kombu” which means kelp. It is a confusing term, and it may have been from confusion of what was in it, or from the film on top of the drink while it is fermenting that looks like seaweed. I like the mystery of this delicious drink and just hope that eternal youth is a benefit.

I am really into this drink for a few reasons: It’s a great substitute for juice or soda. There is much less sugar, and the calories are nothing compared to a bottle of fruit juice or Coke. The most calories I have gotten from one of these drinks is a mere 40 calories. Another reason I enjoy it is that it is supposedly very easy to make at home. I don’t have enough time on my hands to jump into that kind of hobby, but it sounds really tempting. This way, you can tailor it to your taste and learn about a new trade.

It also is better for the environment since you wouldn’t be buying glass or plastic bottles from the store. Lastly, I love new, weird things, and this drink has weird all over it. Its taste is unbeatable to the process of making it.

If you want to try a real Kombucha, I recommend the brand Celestial Seasoning. If you want to start off a little milder, I would try Synergy. Their recipe is a version of the traditional recipe. I am addicted, and don’t know where to stop. Kombucha cupcakes? Kombucha candles? Would Kombucha ChapStick be taking it too far?


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