The Lazy Fashionista: Fall 2015 trend predictions

Fall is quickly approaching. The pumpkin spice latte has returned, school is back in session and Giant Eagle already has an entire section dedicated to Halloween (not that we are complaining — Reese’s pumpkins for the win!). You wouldn’t want to be caught in your flip-flops all season, so here is your guide to a few of my predictions for fall’s hottest trends.

Crop tops: yes, your favorite trend for the summer will stick around for a while longer. While it is still warm out, pair them with your favorite high-waisted shorts and some knee- or thigh-high socks. As the weather gets a little chillier, layer them over another top or don a chunky sweater and high-waisted jeans.

Boots: preferably of the combat variety. Whether it’s a hearty pair of Docs, some soft leather ones from Steve Madden, or actual boots worn in combat, don’t expect this trend to be disappearing any time soon. Tuck a pair of skinny jeans into them, wear them with shorts and tights, or use them to add a little grunge to your favorite floral dress. Whatever, whenever, wherever. You need a little combat in your life.

Capes: the wearable way to feel like a superhero. Call it a cape, call it a poncho, either way it is one of the most stylish outerwear choices of the season. These voluminous coat-alternatives are being resurrected from the early-2000s and updated with wool and suede, and you are going to love it.

Hosiery: the kind you don’t want to hide. This is a fantastic way to get a little more wear out of that cute skirt you lived in over the summer — layer it over a pair of printed, lace, or brightly colored tights and not only are you warm enough to brave the chillier weather, you add another dimension to an otherwise simple outfit.

Hats: who knew keeping your head warm could look so chic? Swap the floppy straw hat you wore to the beach this summer for one made of wool or felt, and you will not only have the perfect way to cap (pun intended) off your outfit, but another way to keep your ears and head warm. Bonus: this is perfect for days when your hair isn’t quite cooperating.

Whatever you wear this season, make sure you stay warm, stay comfortable, and stay perfectly YOU.