Chatham hosts Lean In viewing party

On October 28, Chatham University hosted a Lean In viewing party to jumpstart the Lean In On Campus program. Lean In is a non-profit organization founded by Sheryl Sandburg, the chief operating officer of FaceBook. The program’s mission is to encourage women to achieve their ambitions.
Sandburg founded Lean In prior to writing her book also named “Lean In” because of one reason: “Men still run the world. In fact, historically, with some notable exceptions to Pennsylvania Avenue, white men historically run most of the world, especially in the United States,” Sandburg said during her speech to Lean In advocates present in the venue and listening over the Internet.
Sandburg mentioned the inequality when it comes to female representation at the tables where “decisions are made” and how as a result, “women’s voices are not being heard.” She believes college students are the ones who can strive for equality. She calls this group, the Lean In generation.
During her travels promoting Lean In she has come across many different cultural ideas, yet one idea is universal: “Our idea of what it means to male and what it means to be female.” She explained the best action to combat this problem is to educate people on the real differences between men and woman.
The larger gap is the response of people based on gender. The way to combat these ideals is through education, and Sandburg and her counterparts at Lean In have developed a program to support both men and woman who strive for a more equal world. Sandburg encourages people to form Lean In circles, a small group that will provide support for one another.
Anyone can start a circle. Circles leaders are provided resources from to encourage circle members to continue to support the Lean In cause. Members of circles usually have similar interests, but the make up of the circles is up to those involved. Lean In On Campus is currently similar to the Lean-In program but is specifically for collegiate campuses.
A Chatham University circle has not yet been created but anyone is able to start one. For more information on the Lean In program visit

Steps to creating or joining a Lean In Circle

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Lean In On Campus
  3. Join through Facebook or with your email
  4. Search for Chatham University
  5. Either become a Lean In Leader for wait for a Lean In Leader to join