Chatham students go incognito at Woodland RHC Night Masquerade Ball

Photo: Alexis McKenna
Photo: Alexis McKenna

Masks were worn, Dresses were on and music was blasted at Woodland Hall’s Resident Hall Committee Night Masquerade Dance. The dance was held on Friday Jan 10 with Woodland RHC social coordinator, first year Maryanne Fix acting as the event’s host.

Many students attended the dance as a way free themselves from academic stress.

“When my friends mentioned going to the masquerade I was all for it because it was an opportunity to chill with my friends and dance to music,” said First Year Charlise Oliver.

Sophomore Melissa “Missy” Garrett also gave the dance a positive review

“I love listening to music so this was perfect for me” Garrett said.

The idea for a masquerade was a collaborative effort of the Woodland RHC members

“ We chose do a masquerade theme because we thought it would be interesting experience,” Fix said.

They thought correctly as many students enjoyed the mysterious feel a masquerade offers.

Fix appreciated the students who came out to support RHC Night.

“I just hope for increased attendance at future events, “ Fix said.