Chatham Student Government Community Standards


1)  We will trust that people are always doing the best they can by representing the students at Chatham, and to behave in anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic, anti-transphobic, and multiculturally productive ways.

2)  We will share information about our groups with other members of CSG, and will not demean, devalue, or “put down” people for their experiences.

3)  We want to create a safe atmosphere for open discussion. Thus, at times, members of CSG may wish to make a comment that they do not want repeated outside the meeting. If so, the person should preface their remarks with a request and the instructor and class will agree not to repeat the remarks.

4)  Challenge the idea and not the person; Respect the ideas and person with whatever they may have to say.

5)  Encourage disagreement to come to an understanding. Our primary commitment is to learn from faculty, staff, each other, and from our work. We acknowledge differences amongst us in skills, interests, values, scholarly orientations, and experience.

6)  Monitor floor space.

a)  Do not take up too much time.

b)  Others who want the floor who do not get it often, should take precedence to speak.

7)  Always speak your mind and discomfort. Be open about your thoughts so they do not get pushed to the side other over issues and ideas.