CSG Brief: Student government restructures its senate meetings

CSG Brief: Student government restructures its senate meetings

Alice Crow

As was briefly suggested in a previous meeting, in order to have more time to actively discuss and work on these projects, the senate formed multiple breakout rooms. 

The breakout rooms at the Feb. 18 meeting included the Food Committee, the Undergraduate Budget Committee, the class of 2022 and 2023, the Communication and Engagement Committee, the Safety Committee and the class of 2021. Members were allowed to move freely between rooms to make progress on these projects. 

With a couple minutes left in the meeting, members were called back to the main room and asked to provide feedback on the new structure. There was general agreement that CSG would move forward being “more project focused.” Meetings without guest speakers would operate this way, with breakout room subjects changing per the request of members. 

With all the progress being made by each class and committee on their personal projects, Executive President, Mars Touloumes ‘21, encouraged CSG members to start drafting bills.

Leonard Trevino, Chatham’s Athletic Director, will be the guest speaker at the Feb. 25 meeting. He will be asked to speak on diversity and inclusion within the athletics department. Trevino was a guest speaker in a previous CSG meeting last semester after a racially insensitive comment he made over a decade ago resurfaced. At the time, Trevino promised to come back to CSG in the spring of 2021 to report on the department’s progress. 

For more information on CSG, students can visit their website or go to their instagram @chathamstudentgovernment. Alternatively, students can learn more about specific meetings by reading the recorded minutes in CSG’s public google drive.