What are students doing in their free time during the pandemic?


Lilly Kubit

Students play Clue in the Carriage House. Photo Credit: Lilly Kubit

Luke Paulson

This past year has thrown a curveball to every college student’s daily routine and made normal activities difficult as protocols and restrictions have limited social life. No matter who you are, life has changed in a way that none of us would have ever imagined. 

Things that seemed like no big deal before COVID-19 are now very challenging, leaving a lot of people struggling to adapt to this new normal. 

Misbah Khalid ‘21 shared some of the things she’s doing to stay busy but still safe during this hard time. 

Khalid did her best to stay positive through the pandemic by picking up a new skill. She learned how to knit over the past few months, which became a daily hobby. Other ways that she stays busy is by playing the virtual games that Chatham University offers. The university recommends that people do this if they’re looking to have some fun while still being socially distant from others. 

Even with the strict protocols, there are still ways to stay engaged in your community.. 

Brandon Griener ‘23 has adjusted to the pandemic by watching more TV, finding new upgrades for his car and learning how to juggle. He never thought that the pandemic would last so long and come to the point where we would still be wearing masks after a year. 

“I try to find the safest way to hangout with friends and still enjoy being at Chatham,” said Griener.

Like many of us, he has come to terms with this and just wants to continue to make the most out of his college experience.

Mike Nzinski ‘22 weighed in on the situation and expressed what he is doing differently as well as how he has adjusted. 

“I’ve had to adjust from going out on the weekends to watching more YouTube and FaceTiming family members,” Nzinski said. 

It may be hard to start something that is unfamiliar to you, but it is beneficial to your well-being during this pandemic.

“Turn off the news and pick up a hobby of your interest,” Nzinski said.

Many people have been guilty of letting the pandemic dictate their lives. Luckily, there are still ways to live an active and productive life while following safety protocols.

If you’re struggling with finding things to do, just know that you’re not alone. Everyone is adjusting on a day to day basis as policies and state guidelines are constantly changing.

Going to college is difficult, especially in a time like this, so we need to work together to get through it.

“Find a way to live a life through the pandemic instead of letting it live you,” Nzinki said.