Students can receive discounts on Pittsburgh activities with Chatham ID

With a Chatham ID, students can receive discounts or free admittance throughout the city.  Below are seven fun places Chatham students can go for a reduced fee or even for free.


This Carnegie Science Center is located on the North Shore. Students receive discounts for being a part of Chatham University by just showing their student ID. There are many floors of fun, along with parking if you drive. Photo credit: Carnegie Science Center

Chelsea Perello

Being a college student in Pittsburgh can be tough on a budget when wanting to go into the city, as it can be hard to get to on a bus and everything can be expensive. Alternatively, students can have no idea where fun activities are because they may have just moved to Pittsburgh for school. 

With a Chatham ID, students can receive discounts or free admittance throughout the city.  Below are seven fun places Chatham students can go for a reduced fee or even for free.

Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium

The Pittsburgh Zoo is one of Pittsburgh’s largest attractions. Animal lovers would love to spend a day out at the zoo with friends and see all the wonderful animals that Pittsburgh Zoo has to offer.

Chatham students that go in a group of 15 will get a discount. This would be something to look into for going with a group of friends or as a part of a student organization. This could work with the sports teams as well, and the members from the team could hop onto a Chatham bus and bond while enjoying new things. 

You must have a reservation to receive the group discount.


Carnegie Science Center

Carnegie science center is also another popular museum in Pittsburgh. It holds many events, so there will always be something to do. 

There are four floors filled with different kinds of fun. Each floor has its own theme including a robot and electronics floor, aquarium floor, engineering floor and more. 

Being a student at Chatham University you receive $2 off admission with proof of student ID. Chatham University is one of the universities that will also receive an additional discount (You would need to contact the ticket center for more information on the additional discount).

  • Located- 1 Allegheny Ave. (Right across from Heinz Field).
  • Phone- 412- 237-3400
  • Visit their website for more information – or look up “Carnegie Science Center” 
  • Travel time- Bus: 30-minutes / Car: 19-minutes 


The Mattress Factory 

If students are interested in museums, but want to attend something more, The Mattress Factory is an art museum with new and interactive pieces of art. This isn’t just typical paintings, but the Mattress Factory brings art to life with art from all around the world. 

Students at Chatham University receive $5 off admission on their visit. That means tickets are only $15 per student. Students get to take a trip away from campus and experience all different kinds of art while still learning something. 

  • Located- 500 Sampsonia Way in the North Side. 
  • Phone-  412-231-3169
  • Visit their website for more information – or look up “The Mattress Factory”
  • Travel time- Bus: 53 -minutes / Car: 20- minutes 


Pittsburgh Pirates home games – PNC Park

The Pittsburgh Pirates’ baseball team has been around since 1887. If students are interested in baseball and do not find it as interesting to watch it on TV, there is a great deal to go down to PNC park and watch it starting March 31, 2022, at their first home game of the season. 

Being a college student at Chatham University there are $10 student tickets. All students have to do is download the MLB Ballpark App on any mobile device. Students get to enjoy the game for low cost and become more involved with Pittsburgh.

Places for free fun with your ID

FUN FACT: Your Chatham student ID gets you free admission to the Andy Warhol Museum, Heinz History Center, and the Carnegie Museums. 


The Andy Warhol Museum

Located on the north shore, not too far from campus, students get to experience yet another art museum filled with colorful paintings and sculptures. 

Students at Chatham can get into the museum for free with one scan of a Chatham student ID! Students get to visit seven floors of wonderful art dedicated to the pop art icon, Andy Warhol. 

  • Located- 117 Sandusky St. in the North Shore.
  • Phone-  412- 237-8300
  • Visit their website for more information on Museum times- 
  • Travel time– Bus: 40-minute ride / Car: 20-minute drive 


Senator John Heinz History Center 

New to Pittsburgh or never been to the Heinz History Center? Being a student at Chatham University can get students a visit to this Museum for free

While visiting Heinz History Center, students get to learn more about Pittsburgh and the history behind Heinz and why Heinz is as famous as they are.

  • Located- 1212 Smallman St. in the Strip District.
  • Phone-  412- 454-6000
  • Visit their website for more information- 
  • Travel time- Bus: 35-minute ride / Car: 18-minute drive 


Carnegie Museum of Art & Carnegie Museum of Natural History 

Interested in art or times before humans stepped on Earth? The Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History is the place to go. 

Just by being a student at Chatham and showing a student ID, students can also get to attend this museum for free. This museum is in Oakland, so it is not far to get there from campus. This gives students a wide range of information about art and natural history, and a fun experience at the same time.

For more information about student discounts, visit the resources page on the ChathamU app.