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Chatham students play a life-sized game of "Clue"


On Saturday, March 22, the Fickes Hall RHC took over the Mellon Board Room to create a life-sized game of “Clue”.

The evening began when the last guests filed in and sat at the tables set up in the room, each of which was labeled with a different location concurrent with the beloved board game. Students ate a delicious eggplant and lasagna dinner provided by Parkhurst dining.

By the end of their meal, however, participants began to notice something odd as those in costume began moving around suspiciously. The movement culminated with a scream from the next room, followed by the characters carrying in an unknown “corpse” (this proved to be more of a comedic event than a dramatic event).

Participants in the evening were then asked to disperse themselves among the six characters (Miss Scarlet, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. White, Mr. Green, Mrs. Peacock, and Professor Plum). Each team was then given the task of finding the clues that were hidden around each table/location, and eventually finding out whom the murderer was.

The rest of the evening proceeded as if it were a regular game of “Clue”, with life-sized characters and locations. The game brought out the competitive side of each of the participants, and proved to be a lot of fun when two teams ended in a tie.

When asked about why the Fickes RHC decided to host this event, member Indigo Baloch said, “It began that we were interested in doing a murder mystery dinner theater…but then when we were trying to think of a theme, we came across ‘Clue’ and it was something that we were all familiar with and that we all liked, and it became the event.”

At the beginning of the evening, the RHC asked if anyone had not played “Clue” in the past, and were surprised by the number of people who were not familiar with the game.

One of those participants was first year Alice Shy, who said, “it was educational because I had never played ‘Clue’ before, so it was fun to be able to participate in a life-sized version of it. That was a very fun and interesting twist on the game.”

Seeing the classic board game brought to life was an exciting experience regardless of whether or not players had played the game previously or not. While the performance of the murder did illicit more laughs than gasps, the event was overall a success.

With a great sense of friendly competition and camaraderie, everyone in attendance (and even those who arranged the event) had a blast, and the “Clue” Murder Mystery dinner became an instant hit.

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