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Communiqué’s spring playlist picks of 2024

As Chatham students push our way through finals to a glorious summer on the other side, we close out the Spring semester with the Communiqué staff’s favorite songs for the springtime – an eclectic selection of tunes to match the vibe of the season. 

“Best Day of My Life” by American Authors, submitted by Gage Bertovich ‘26

“Best Day of My Life” is an upbeat, catchy anthem of optimism a big 2010s radio hit that may have slipped your mind in recent years. 

“That Green Gentleman” by Panic! At the Disco, submitted by Leyna Laurent ‘26

“That Green Gentleman” is a staple for fans of the band’s earlier music, a song reminiscent of the Kinks or the Beatles with standout drumming and a bubbly, whimsical feel.

“Burndt Jamb” by Weezer, submitted by Leyna Laurent ‘26

In “Burndt Jamb”, the guitar starts light and builds up with a strong solo in the bridge. This song dabbles in both rock and funk elements, meshing together to create a unique and energetic melody.

“The Moon Will Sing” by the Crane Wives, submitted by Bella White ‘27

Ethereal vocals are a key characteristic of “The Moon Will Sing”, along with poetic lyricism and a melancholy yet spirited energy – a much needed addition to any spring playlist.

“Banana Pancakes” by Jack Johnson, submitted by Ireland Kennedy ‘27

“Banana Pancakes” is a calming yet energizing song that feels like laying in the sun with friends. Jack Johnson’s trademark beach vibe comes through, producing a foot-tapping and joyful beat.

 “Pool Shark (Live)” by Sublime, submitted by Arlo MacFarland ‘26

The live version of Sublime’s song “Pool Shark” begins as a slower acoustic version of the original face-paced punk song, gradually picking up speed as the song goes on, which suits the heavy-hearted nature of the lyrics.

“Batwanes Beek” by Felukah,  submitted by Arlo MacFarland ‘26

“Batwanes Beek” is an upbeat R&B/Hip-Hop Arabic song that emphasizes self-confidence and support from loved ones. Singer Felukah plays with genres and prides herself on making music to make the presence of herself and other women known in the industry and beyond.

“April Come She Will” by Simon & Garfunkel, submitted by Emily Brooks ‘27

A definitive spring song, “April Come She Will” has the trademarked Simon & Garfunkel sound: simple and beautiful guitar accompanying instantly recognizable vocals that create a serene tune. 

“Good Luck Babe!” By Chappell Roan, submitted by Sarah Gallogly ‘27

The newest single by Midwest princess Chappell Roan, “Good Luck Babe!” is everything we expect from the singer and more. Strong vocals with a dance beat and catchy but meaningful lyrics, this song is a great one to have in your rotation.

“Secrets From a Girl (Who’s Seen it All)” by Lorde, submitted by Sarah Gallogly ‘27

This tune from the album “Solar Power” is a refreshingly gleeful song from Lorde that emanates the feelings of running on the beach, laughing with friends, and becoming content with growing up. “Secrets From a Girl” picks up in pace in the chorus and ends with a unique soliloquy that has a sunny demeanor. 

“Nothing Blue” by Madeline Jo & Friends, submitted by Sonny Butina ‘26

“Nothing Blue” by Pittsburgh band Madeline Jo & Friends is an upbeat tune with fun and folksy instrumentals, a song that’s perfect for dancing and embracing the season outdoors.

“It Was Coming All Along” by Maggie Rogers, submitted by Carson Gates, ‘25

A song from Maggie Rogers’ new album, “It Was Coming All Along” has an “existential” lyrical tone and toe-tapping beat, producing a spring-like energy and a perfect song to sing along to.

“War Pigs” (Cover) by T-Pain, submitted by Riley Hurst Brubaker ‘24

T-Pain puts his own spin on “War Pigs”, a classic anti-war rock anthem originally by Black Sabbath. Ozzy Osbourne himself is a big fan of this cover that maintains the same rock sound but adds some R&B elements in vocals and guitar. 

“My Sweet Lord” by George Harrison, submitted by Sarah Naccarato ‘27

“My Sweet Lord” is a classic from the late and great George Harrison, a folk-rock song that uses slide guitar and mantras from various religions, fostering a sense of jubilance and community. 

“The Kill” by Maggie Rogers, submitted by Abigail Hakas ‘24

Another song from Maggie Rogers’ new album, “The Kill” tells the story of an inevitable end to a relationship to thrumming guitar and a bittersweet energy. 

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Sarah Gallogly
Sarah Gallogly, Contributing Writer
Sarah ’27 (she/they) is a Political Science major with a minor in Writing. Sarah decided to come to Chatham to stay in her hometown of Pittsburgh, pursue further education in the subjects she is passionate about, and for the close-knit environment. They enjoy reading, painting, photography, music and way too many TV shows. Sarah can best be contacted at [email protected] or @saraholivia310 on Instagram.

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